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Postural Analysis

Causes of Poor Posture:

1.  Perpetuating factors:  Occupation, sleeping position, inappropriate footwear (high heels), poor nutrition, excessive stress, impropemuscular overloading, and poor body mechanics.

2.  Heredity:  Scoliosis, lower leg length inequality (LLLI), long upper torso, short upper arms.

3.  Disease/disability:  Osteoporosis, polio, rickets (Vit. D deficiency), multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, one-sided deafness.

4.  Psychological:  Psychogenic pain:  People perceive pain differently.  Ex.  Competitive athlete vs. someone involved in a law suit.  They may gain monetarily from over-exaggerating their pain.

5.  De-Conditioning:  poor posture usually develops long periods of inactivity.  I.E. Auto-accident, sitting at a desk, weight gain, etc.

6.  Improper clothing:  Shoes/bras that are too tight; backpacks, briefcases.

7.  Incorrect ergonomic set-up:   

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